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Reference or modeli
Fill in the apparatus' model or the remote's reference for filtering the results

Cambridge original remote controls

Original remote control CAMBRIDGE AZUR540RV20Original remote control CAMBRIDGE AZUR540RV20Not available(see available equivalences)CambridgeFor AZUR540RV20Original remote control CAMBRIDGE IRC 200Original remote control CAMBRIDGE IRC 200Not available(see available equivalences)CambridgeFor ARX 200, RG 200Original remote control CAMBRIDGE REMCON593Original remote control CAMBRIDGE REMCON593Not available(see available equivalences)CambridgeFor R 1317Original remote control CAMBRIDGE REMCON1059Original remote control CAMBRIDGE REMCON1059Not available(see available equivalences)CambridgeFor ARX 250Original remote control CAMBRIDGE AZUR-540R-V1Original remote control CAMBRIDGE AZUR-540R-V1Not available(see available equivalences)CambridgeFor AZUR-540R-V1Original remote control CAMBRIDGE AZUR-540C-V1Original remote control CAMBRIDGE AZUR-540C-V1Not available(see available equivalences)CambridgeOriginal remote control CAMBRIDGE AZUR 540AC (RC-540AC)Original remote control CAMBRIDGE AZUR 540AC (RC-540AC)Not available(see available equivalences)CambridgePhoto not availableOriginal remote control CAMBRIDGE RD 480Not available(see available equivalences)CambridgeOriginal remote control CAMBRIDGE Azur 551ROriginal remote control CAMBRIDGE Azur 551RNot availableCambridgeOriginal remote control CAMBRIDGE AZUR-RC551ROriginal remote control CAMBRIDGE AZUR-RC551RNot availableCambridge

Replacement Cambridge remotes
Any replacement remote controls perform all the functions of the original remote control

Equivalent remote control Cambridge 2000Equivalent remote control Cambridge 2000Available in stock£ 17.19 (VAT included)CambridgeFor 2000Equivalent remote control Cambridge ARD200Equivalent remote control Cambridge ARD200Available in stock£ 17.19 (VAT included)CambridgeFor ARD 200Equivalent remote control Cambridge ARX200Equivalent remote control Cambridge ARX200Available in stock£ 17.19 (VAT included)CambridgeFor ARX 200Equivalent remote control Cambridge ARX2009Equivalent remote control Cambridge ARX2009Available in stock£ 17.19 (VAT included)CambridgeFor ARX 2009Equivalent remote control Cambridge ARX250Equivalent remote control Cambridge ARX250Available in stock£ 17.19 (VAT included)CambridgeFor ARX 250Equivalent remote control Cambridge AZUR540R-V3Equivalent remote control Cambridge AZUR540R-V3Available in stock£ 23.35 (VAT included)CambridgeFor AZUR 540 R-V3Equivalent remote control Cambridge BT-SVS200Equivalent remote control Cambridge BT-SVS200Available in stock£ 17.19 (VAT included)CambridgeFor BT-SVS 200, BT-SVS200Equivalent remote control Cambridge CREATIVE HOME THEATREEquivalent remote control Cambridge CREATIVE HOME THEATREAvailable in stock£ 23.35 (VAT included)CambridgeFor CREATIVE HOME THEATREEquivalent remote control Cambridge DTT 3350Equivalent remote control Cambridge DTT 3350Available in stock£ 23.35 (VAT included)CambridgeFor DTT 3350, DTT 3350Equivalent remote control Cambridge IR200Equivalent remote control Cambridge IR200Available in stock£ 17.19 (VAT included)CambridgeFor IR 200
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