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Lemon original remote controls

Original remote control LEMON REMCON477Original remote control LEMON REMCON477Not available(see available equivalences)LemonFor FC 2003, 1200 CI, 500 FTA, FREE 1002, 020-S, DSR 1000, STARSAT HC, STARSATT, DX 500, DX 800, IDL-2000, DX 4000 D / MOriginal remote control LEMON 020TOriginal remote control LEMON 020TNot available(see available equivalences)LemonOriginal remote control LEMON 040 via CIOriginal remote control LEMON 040 via CINot available(see available equivalences)LemonOriginal remote control LEMON REMCON010Original remote control LEMON REMCON010Not available(see available equivalences)LemonFor IDL-7000 PWR, 070-PVROriginal remote control LEMON REMCON394Original remote control LEMON REMCON394Not available(see available equivalences)LemonFor 030-CI, KR 1100 TOriginal remote control LEMON REMCON1049Original remote control LEMON REMCON1049Not available(see available equivalences)LemonFor 01-CI, 03-CI, 07-CIOriginal remote control LEMON VOLKSBOXOriginal remote control LEMON VOLKSBOXNot available(see available equivalences)Lemon

Replacement Lemon remotes
Any replacement remote controls perform all the functions of the original remote control

Replacement remote control Lemon HVS53432Replacement remote control Lemon HVS53432Available in stock£ 19.56 (VAT included)LemonFor IDL 7000 PVR-S, 070-PVRReplacement remote control Lemon 07-FTAReplacement remote control Lemon 07-FTAAvailable in stock£ 14.58 (VAT included)LemonFor 07-FTAReplacement remote control Lemon 070Replacement remote control Lemon 070Available in stock£ 14.58 (VAT included)LemonFor 070Replacement remote control Lemon 01-CIReplacement remote control Lemon 01-CIAvailable in stock£ 14.58 (VAT included)LemonFor 01-CIReplacement remote control Lemon 010 T-PV-TReplacement remote control Lemon 010 T-PV-TAvailable in stock£ 14.58 (VAT included)LemonFor 010 T-PV-TReplacement remote control Lemon 020 S FTAReplacement remote control Lemon 020 S FTAAvailable in stock£ 14.58 (VAT included)LemonFor 020SFTAReplacement remote control Lemon 0205Replacement remote control Lemon 0205Available in stock£ 14.58 (VAT included)LemonFor 0205Replacement remote control Lemon 03-CIReplacement remote control Lemon 03-CIAvailable in stock£ 14.58 (VAT included)LemonFor 03-CIReplacement remote control Lemon 030-CIReplacement remote control Lemon 030-CIAvailable in stock£ 14.58 (VAT included)LemonFor 030-CIReplacement remote control Lemon 040-CI VIAReplacement remote control Lemon 040-CI VIAAvailable in stock£ 14.58 (VAT included)LemonFor 040-CIVIAReplacement remote control Lemon 040-P VIAReplacement remote control Lemon 040-P VIAAvailable in stock£ 14.58 (VAT included)LemonFor 040-PVIAReplacement remote control Lemon 042-CI VIAReplacement remote control Lemon 042-CI VIAAvailable in stock£ 14.58 (VAT included)LemonFor 042-CIVIAReplacement remote control Lemon 042-CI VOLKSBOXReplacement remote control Lemon 042-CI VOLKSBOXAvailable in stock£ 14.58 (VAT included)LemonFor 042-CIVOLKSBOX
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