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Remote controls PRIMA

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Prima original remote controls

Original remote control PRIMA 22Z6000Original remote control PRIMA 22Z6000Available in stock£ 23.03 (VAT included)PrimaPhoto not availableOriginal remote control PRIMA 301IL27W1802Not available(see available equivalences)PrimaFor TV82400, TV-69400Original remote control PRIMA RCU42ROriginal remote control PRIMA RCU42RNot available(see available equivalences)PrimaPhoto not availableOriginal remote control PRIMA RC102Not available(see available equivalences)PrimaPhoto not availableOriginal remote control PRIMA 12 PRNot available(see available equivalences)PrimaPhoto not availableOriginal remote control PRIMA ER-303Not available(see available equivalences)Prima

Replacement Prima remotes
Any replacement remote controls perform all the functions of the original remote control

Replacement remote control Prima HVS54089Replacement remote control Prima HVS54089Available in stock£ 19.48 (VAT included)PrimaFor LC32W18S, PH-42W6SReplacement remote control Prima 1040Replacement remote control Prima 1040Available in stock£ 19.48 (VAT included)PrimaFor 1040Replacement remote control Prima 16PROGRAMReplacement remote control Prima 16PROGRAMAvailable in stock£ 19.48 (VAT included)PrimaFor 16 PROGRAMReplacement remote control Prima 27W18SReplacement remote control Prima 27W18SAvailable in stock£ 19.48 (VAT included)PrimaFor 27 W 18 SReplacement remote control Prima HOF06D251D8Replacement remote control Prima HOF06D251D8Available in stock£ 19.48 (VAT included)PrimaFor HOF 06 D 251 D8Replacement remote control Prima INFR.REM.CONTRReplacement remote control Prima INFR.REM.CONTRAvailable in stock£ 19.48 (VAT included)PrimaFor INFR REM CONTR, INFR.REM.CONTRReplacement remote control Prima MOD.510Replacement remote control Prima MOD.510Available in stock£ 19.48 (VAT included)PrimaFor MOD. 510Replacement remote control Prima REM.CONTR.UNIT / 12PROGRReplacement remote control Prima REM.CONTR.UNIT / 12PROGRAvailable in stock£ 19.48 (VAT included)PrimaFor REM. CONTR. UNIT / 12 PROGRReplacement remote control Prima T5125Replacement remote control Prima T5125Available in stock£ 19.48 (VAT included)PrimaFor T 5125Replacement remote control Prima TV-TFT27W18SReplacement remote control Prima TV-TFT27W18SAvailable in stock£ 19.48 (VAT included)PrimaFor TV-TFT 27 W 18 SReplacement remote control Prima XC3702BReplacement remote control Prima XC3702BAvailable in stock£ 19.48 (VAT included)PrimaFor XC 3702 BReplacement remote control Prima XT3702Replacement remote control Prima XT3702Available in stock£ 19.48 (VAT included)PrimaFor XT 3702Replacement remote control Prima XT3720Replacement remote control Prima XT3720Available in stock£ 19.48 (VAT included)PrimaFor XT 3720Replacement remote control Prima XT3725Replacement remote control Prima XT3725Available in stock£ 19.48 (VAT included)PrimaFor XT 3725
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